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Retain Counsel Who Has A Reputation of Integrity In Business And In Real Estate Law Issues

At Charles B. Meyer, P.C, we have over 40 years of experience counseling clients with legal needs. We represent business owners and property owners with real estate and business law issues. Our attorney will work on your legal needs with integrity, trust and dependability.

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Business Transactions From Formation To Transition

Whether you are in the process of business formation or transitioning out of business ownership so you can move on and enjoy retirement, our lawyer can help you with your business transaction needs. When disputes arise, we will also assist you through conflict resolution as well as litigation, if that becomes necessary, to resolve your business law issues.

We Will Advise You On Handling Property Properly

Many property owners do not fully understand their rights according to Texas's real estate laws. You may have rights you are unaware of or alternatives you could consider. Our experienced attorney will represent your needs in the transaction or dispute. Issues you may encounter include:

  • Disputes between landlords and tenants — We can assist you in reviewing leases and other agreements and taking action to resolve your dispute.
  • Questions about property lines — They say fences make good neighbors, but sometimes property lines are blurred. We can help you gain clarity of the lines.
  • Problems with titles -- Our attorney can help you work on title issues.
  • Buying or selling real estate -- We can represent you in purchasing property and making sure the transaction meets all the legal requirements.
  • Construction -- When construction is an issue, we will help you work through anything from liens to faulty construction.
  • Homestead laws -- We'll help you understand protection from creditors for homesteaded property.

Whatever your real estate issue, we can help you look at options for resolving it and will recommend the most logical alternatives to resolution for your situation.

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