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Planning Can Prevent Problems In The Long Run

What Will Your Will Include?

Making a will today can save your loved ones additional headaches and heartache once you've passed away. A will can also clarify your final wishes regarding your property, money, retirement account and even pets. At Charles B. Meyer, P.C, we can help you document your final wishes to give you peace of mind.

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Some Planning Terms You Should Know

When you or a loved one is making estate planning decisions, there are many terms you will run into in the process:

  • Power of attorney — This is a designation you make for who you trust to handle your financial and other affairs should you not be capable of taking care of them yourself.
  • Living will — This is also known as a health care directive and spells out how you want your medical needs addressed if you can no longer speak for yourself. No one wants to think about being in this vulnerable situation, but creating a living will is critical to making your care wishes known.
  • Probate — In Texas the courts may be enlisted to settle your estate, with or without a will. This estate-settling process is called probate and can be a long, costly process for your loved ones to endure. With proper planning, you can help your family avoid probate or at least give them a clear roadmap to follow.
  • Trust — A trust is a planning document that lets you designate what will happen to your property after you are gone. This can be another way of avoiding extra expenses, taxes and other problems for your loved ones in settling your estate.

Plan For The Future Today

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