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Don't Leave Your Important Child Custody And Support Matters To Just Any Attorney

At Charles B. Meyer, P.C, we have over 40 years of experience representing Texas clients in child custody cases. This experience gives you the advantage of having an attorney who considers the many options for resolution and the hurdles that can arise during divorce. We will negotiate, mediate or go to trial as needed. Our attorney can give you legal support and counsel during this difficult time and we will look out for your rights where your children are concerned.

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Good Intentions Can Go Astray

Problems can occur in the future when parents don't create a detailed parenting plan. One parent may rely on the good intentions of the other to buy diapers and formula once in a while, but our experience has shown us that it's not enough to rely on good intentions. A plan and expectations need to be spelled out, legally.

Can I Change My Custody Arrangements Later?

Once a divorce is settled, parents sometimes determine that the child custody and child support arrangements they made during the divorce no longer work. When that happens, you may want to pursue a child custody or support modification. Our lawyer can help you make these changes. He will counsel you on what to ask for. He has advised numerous clients over the years who have gone through divorce and had to address these same issues for the best interests of the children. Additionally, we can help you with child support enforcement, if problems do arise.

Everyone Has Rights

We also believe everyone has rights—from grandparents to parents, children to stepparents and so on. Everyone also deserves strong representation. Our experienced attorney will counsel you on your options and rights whatever your unique situation. He can represent grandparents and other relatives seeking to preserve relationships with their grandchildren, nieces and nephews, etc. At Charles B. Meyer, P.C., we consider not only today's impact, but also how these decisions will affect your family relationships in the future.

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