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Fair And Reasonable Divorce Representation For All

No matter what your situation is, Charles B. Meyer, P.C, believes you deserve fair and reasonable divorce representation. With over 40 years of experience, our lawyer will work to reach a satisfactory resolution to your divorce.

Contested Vs. Uncontested Divorce

Sometimes an uncontested divorce will seem amicable at first, only to spiral into disagreement. This often happens because at the start of a divorce, it may seem that both spouses are getting along and they want to just get the divorce over quickly and cheaply. Once they start looking at the details of asset allocation, child custody and child support, however, cooperation can break down and suddenly people are not so nice anymore. These disagreements can lead to a contested divorce.

Contested divorce can also happen when a couple wants to save money on their divorce, but they haven't considered all of the issues or nailed down all of the details involved, like who gets what, when and how much? Our attorney has over 40 years of experience representing people in Texas divorces. He can help you work through these problems, but remember that each party needs his or her own representation.

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Property Division: More Than Just Asset Allocation

When you are looking at dividing up property in divorce, you need to consider all of the marital property. Our attorney can help you discover hidden assets, whether that be boats, cars, cash or any other assets that were kept hidden from you. You may be surprised to find that your spouse has hidden assets in the Caribbean. We will dig, if needed, to help you find assets that should be included in any valuations. We will also hire business valuation experts and accountants as needed to determine a fair value for the assets.

The Biggest Problem People Encounter In Divorce

People commonly spend more money than required to accomplish their goals because emotion gets in the way of common sense. They can't see the big picture because emotion has taken over. They start thinking, "I've got to win," or sometimes their families push them toward revenge rather than resolution. If they would take reasonable advice and not spend any more on a divorce than is necessary to accomplish the purpose, they could leave in a better position than they would otherwise. Our firm focuses on counseling people toward that better resolution.

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